Evening in Norwegian mountains

White cold sun slides down
The arc of brief afternoon
Dips behind a shattered peak
And snow and air turn vivid blue
Colouring all in dimness
Silence becomes more so
It is the time for trolls

My sons laughter fills the sledding slope
As I cajole them to the cabin
A long walk away
Across deep snow
During the time for trolls

Copyright © 2017 Kim Whysall-Hammond

Re-blogged from 2017


9 thoughts on “Evening in Norwegian mountains

          1. We found just the opposite in Finland. The children there play outside even at -10! And they bundle up babies in sheepskin buntings and let them sleep outside on balconies of their apartment houses. Healthiest kids we ever saw! I think it is an old tradition from when they had tentlike dwellings with a hole in the roof and an open fire in the middle of the small room. The babies died from respiratory diseases, so they bundled them up and put them outside to sleep. Makes sense to me!

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