Lightly seared on the reality grill

Lightly seared on the reality grill
falling outside

normal moral constraints
with a fine disregard for awkward facts

refreshingly unconcerned with
the vulgar exigencies of veracity


Copyright © 2018 Kim Whysall-Hammond


Kakistocrat” is Ancient Greek, meaning “worst ruler”, a humorous inversion of “aristocrat”. I do think this describes politicians in both the UK and USA today……

This is a found poem, from Culture ship names.


16 thoughts on “Lightly seared on the reality grill

  1. Oh I do wonder if I will remember this word or will this word be listed in my dad’s
    dictionary? Let’s see..Kakistocracy! Yes! But alas it’s on page 778 and I am still on the first column on the third page…so it’ll probably be sometime next year or the year after when I will reach the K’s . This word will have to wait for me!

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            1. Wow your mom opened the door to languages (not just French) big words, ideas..sciences..math…the skies and beyond…even the people that did it. Things like these we are definitely not taught in school. To exploring beyond the house and school perimeters.Cool.

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