Oldest Cheese ever discovered in Egyptian Tomb

Well, every now and then, the Cheesesellers Wife needs to blog about Cheese!

Mysteries and Monsters

Aged, stinky cheese is certainly an acquired taste. personally I love the stuff. A powerful deep veined Stilton with a glass of excellent port is one of life’s greatest culinary pleasures.

However, Italian researchers have discovered what may well be the oldest cheese ever discovered in a recently uncovered Egyptian tomb.

In June 2018, Egyptian authorities opened a sealed Ptolemic-era sarcophagus that was discovered in a building site in Alexandria. The sarcophagus has yielded a stunning if unspectacular treasure trove of information.

From an Archaeological point of view the discovery of a tomb in Alexandria was a suprise. The area had been written off as an area of interest, but the find has provided plenty of interest.

Once the tomb had been opened it revealed three skeletons sat in a red sludgy sewage of decayed human physical excrement. While this might have turn the stomachs of many, tens of thousands…

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