Mist lurks, gathers around a wan sun
in a fickle sky

Trees, afraid to stand in the open
stunted, bent, roots littered with bones

We pant raggedly, unyielding moor
draining us down to mires and darkness

Copyright © 2018 Kim Whysall-Hammond

We are off to hike in mid-Wales, where the farmers refer to the land as MAMBA  (Miles And Miles of B**ger All). Hopefully, we won’t get lost!

10 thoughts on “Lost

    1. Well, we failed to find a footpath and bridge over a gorge on one of our walks, but we weren’t lost! Where we were staying was up in the hills, very quiet, and didnt seem to have lefet the 1980’s when it came to Pubs. My vegetarian husband had trouble finding something for him on menus —WHEN the Pubs actually did food, many didnt. But we werent there for the food — we had some wonderful long hikes with fantastic views.

      Where were you staying?


      1. At Bangor University dorms. The dorms were very modern and the staff was wonderful but the university was marvelously ancient and whispered stories of King Arthur and Shakespeare and elves – at least, I thought so. (I was 17, what did I know) I took a class on Medieval music and sat at a desk probably 100 years old. Was incredible to walk around the university, staring at its glorious architecture. Wish I could return.

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