Deep in a volcanic sea cave
crimson crabs hang from the ceiling
scuttle along walls, clattering  pincers
gather in their hundreds
in affront
as our boat noses in,
engine stilled.

We have raced across open ocean
slamming over waves
to be claustrophobically  enclosed
looked down upon by crustaceans
never before have I felt
such an visitor to my own planet
insignificant in the face of the whale and the dolphin
and now these outraged crabs.

Copyright © 2018 Kim Whysall-Hammond

Linked to the Earthweal Challenge “The Animal Gaze” :

earthweal weekly challenge: THE ANIMAL GAZE

26 thoughts on “Cave

  1. Yes. I have felt this, entering the world of the whales, looking into their ancient eyes, smelling their whale-breath that smells like the ocean floor must smell. I love the idea of those crabs scuttling about, hanging from the ceiling, being so busy – so CRAB-like – while we, above and oblivious, think our lives are all that is going on. You have captured this so well.

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  2. I love the way you lit up that volcanic sea cave with crimson crabs, Kim, and created their sounds with alliterative, onomatopoeic verbs in ‘scuttle along walls, clattering pincers’ – a warning. I can understand you feeling like a visitor to your own planet.

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    1. Thanks – the photo was taken in the Azores (which is where the poem is set) by my youngest son who was 12 at the time. We have been lucky enough to see Sei and Sperm whales, and several species of dolphins –all in the Azores, over several trips.

      The cave was marvellous and I tried to capture some of that.


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