Being English

Show no emotion, hold everything back
Say ’I think we need a bit of support’ when you are under fatal attack
Go about your business as the world falls apart
Hiding the fear deep in your heart
Delight in the odd, the strange and the weird
Live beside the newcomer, even if they are feared
Chicken Tikka Marsala is our national dish,
An island nation that rarely eats fish,
Throw flowers under a princesses hearse
Life may be difficult but it could always be worse
Marry the outsider, swallow them whole
Quiet, loving and different is the English soul

Copyright © 2015 Kim Whysall-Hammond

First blogged in 2015 and it seems a bit appropriate this week. I admit that both people in the photo not actually English….but its a great photo!

6 thoughts on “Being English

  1. As she’s got older, she seems to look rather ‘grim’ at ceremonies. She smiles on walkabout and has given interviews recently which show a dry sense of humour, but perhaps being in public, even at her grandson’s wedding, is becoming a trial for her….


  2. I loved Meghan’s elegance and self assurance and sincerely hope she and Harry have a long and happy marriage. It was a moment of calm for much of the world. But your poem presents the other side, the public British mask. I’m impressed you were able to write complex thoughts in rhyme.

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