Unimaginably ancient, preserving moments in time;
billion year old pebbles from unknown floods
bones fallen into an ancient abyss
ten thousand year old footprints along an English estuary.
Sitting on a rock, you touch time.

Rocks move. They melt and set, erode to dust
and then the dust settles
forms new rock over time almost unimaginable.
This undulating plain formed at great depths
was thrust up to mountainous heights
now lies placid for your walking comfort.

Go find a rock
and travel in time and space.

Copyright © 2018 Kim Whysall-Hammond


5 thoughts on “Rocks

  1. We think of rocks as permanent, stalwart guardians ten thousand years ago and ten thousand years hence. They aren’t, of course, their demise and transition too slow for human eyes, but in action all the same. Your last line, to travel in time and space, made me think how small a trace I will leave but much there is to ponder.

    Your painting shows a timeline of the life force of rocks – well done, Kim. A perfect complement to the poem.

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  2. Kim, I truly enjoyed this post and love your painting! I have bowls of rocks in almost every room of our house and sometimes hold a rock in my hand and try to feel its essence and history. It’s like holding a piece of the cosmos in my hand, and it’s almost healing. Thank you!


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