5 thoughts on “Azores Rock

  1. I seem to have lost my comment halfway while on my phone, so will try again. This is probably a frivolous comment but first, want to say, it is a lovely painting! When you say you don’t know why you have painted it several times I can’t help thinking of the old movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” when the main characters keep painting a mountain and making models of it because although they don’t realize it, they have been “invited” by the aliens to come (LOL). Hmmm, keep painting, though, you’re very talented!

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    1. Oh dear…I am being called to the Azores……which is no bad thing as I have fallen in love with the islands.

      Of course, I’m only putting up the paintings that work — the “malformed Polar bears” as my son called them will probably not see the light of day…..

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