Slow Dance

My land was carved in a slow dance
Glacier in, glacier out
Wind and rain overly the slow dance
Smoothing smoothing
The rhythm of climate is our slow dance
Beat heats up, beat cools down
Industry changed the tempo of Earth’s slow dance
Faster faster, hotter hotter
We all move to the rhythm of this slow dance
Species come and species go
The way it has always been………..


Copyright © 2017 Kim Whysall-Hammond

18 thoughts on “Slow Dance

  1. I find the rhythm of these lines, with their repetitions and echoes, enchanting – and of course wholly appropriate for your theme. Such a grand sweeping theme too, but sketched with simple bold brushstrokes. I love it!
    (Would you consider making ‘overlies’ singular and popping an apostrophe in ‘Earths’?)

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  2. The geologic dance we have such poor eyes for — thanks so for envisioning what that grand old dance looks like. The stone menhirs and dolmens of the megalithic cultures have such and earth-deep feel to them. I read that the Earth’s first meteorite strike dates back 2.2 million years and is located in what is now Australia — nothing remains of the contours of the strike, mountains have risen and fallen several times, the plate has drifted far away. But there’s a signature, and impregnate something in the data which speaks of spacetime and our weave into it. Thanks so for bringing this to earthweal — Brendan

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  3. Very hypnotic and sensual, as a good dance should be–the one you describe has a rhythm to it that hides its secrets well, even as it nakedly twirls them slowly before us–a pattern that is more than our short lives can ever comprehend. Nicely done.

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