Northern light

Blue Baltic waters
semi-sweet to taste

Pale rose rocked islands
Rising softly from the sea

And oh
All those Birches

So many Birch trees
tall straight trunks
massing on every surface

White wrapped
Or black inked?
Design icons

Bearing thin scrolls of bark
whose paleness
reflected summers northern light
into grateful eyes

Copyright © 2017 Kim Whysall-Hammond

I’m still trying to capture my delight in the islands around Helsinki in poetry

12 thoughts on “Northern light

  1. We gave just ‘met’ over a flourless chocolate cake at Hanady’s :) ! Came to visit, loved this! You say: birch, Finland, Helsinki and I can smilingly respond: birch, Estonia, Tallinn ! My birth place tho’ I have lived in Australia almost all my life . . . . yet in an atavistic way the birch, the fir, the spruce, the maple still give me joy and comfort . . . .


  2. Hi Kim, Susie sent me!
    I love your photograph and your poem. I think white-barked trees are beautiful – we don’t have any in Singapore, but I have seen some in Hyde Park in London when I visited during Christmas.

    Glad to have found you as I have never been to Helsinki and look forward to seeing it through you work!

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