Each siesta, my gecko came
Skittering across the mottled ceiling
Dancing over paint flakes
Lengthening his neck to peer down
At me

He would not leave his hiding hole
Until I laid me down to rest
In the Sicilian noonday heat
Then two sparkling gleaming eyes
Held vigil

Halfway between stick and snake
Sandy spiky little friend
Padded feet gripping to defy gravity
My curious Gecko watched over me

Once his powers failed him
And he plopped down onto my chest
I woke to see him face to face
And  find in those eyes

Copyright © 2017 Kim Whysall-Hammond


5 thoughts on “Gecko

  1. Interesting…i know my niece in Australia says they have these little creatures and… lizards? in the house all the time. I just wouldn’t them in my bed!

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  2. Oh dear! We have wall geckos all over our house doing tick, tick all the time & they go into hibernation during winter to give us some relief. In my mother tongue, Bengali, we call them tiktiki. And I don’t like them at all in reality but as its poetical appearance in lines here I am beginning to love it especially if it understands you. Beautiful.

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