A Long Night to Sunrise

Here’s an interesting poem well worth sharing.

Frank Prem

A Long Night to Sunrise – Spoken Word format on SoundCloud

a man is seated at the table
in a small house
behind the sun

he is old
fingers gnarled
but he grasps tight the cogs
in his stiff bony hands
and adjusts the links
in a length of chain

underneath his breath
to a time-piece rhythm

ah-yay ah-yay ah-yay ah

ah-yay ah-yay ye-ah

mutters to the woman beside him

old lady
can you get a working man
his cup of tea

for if the sun’s to rise
I’ll be freeing-up these cogs
all night

it’s going to be a long slow time
until morning

© Frank Prem, 2010

Another in this Series: Maketh the Man

A Long Night to Sunrise is taken from an unpublished mythologically inspired series of poems arising from repeat exposures to the work of the late Joseph Campbell.
A Long Night to Sunrise has…

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