Rainy Day poem

Refreshingly grey day
Cars softly swish past
Light staccato rain
Washing the world clean
Bejewelling my windows
Where muted light
Shines in stopped droplets
Gently loosing blossoms
And wiping them away
Rinsing down new leaves
Dripping from bent over grasses
Soaking the seed bed
Sparking spring growth

Copyright © 2017 Kim Whysall-Hammond

4 thoughts on “Rainy Day poem

  1. Hi,
    I did not know what to expect when I clicked on your link. Your poetry is beautiful. You are a great writer. Your imagery is intense yet beautiful.
    Maybe you can check out my blog. I also blog about blogging tips and social media. I also have blog parties like Jason where you could meet readers for your poetry. I met you at his site. By the way, I also love science-fiction. Bradbury is my favorite. I actually met him.

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