6 thoughts on “Petrichor

  1. I agree. The words in this poem are so well put together.
    I also want to reply to your comment on “Joan And Fred”. WordPress “un approved” it, so I approved it again. So then it swallowed your comment altogether. I just can not find it.
    You said one of you wanted to move on retirement, one did not. I think Fred should have considered Joan’s situation. He had financial power back then as the husband. Wives legally had few property rights except what they fought for. She was a stay at home wife and mother all her married life, once their two children were born shortly before WW II. After the war married women were expected to stay home and leave the jobs for returned servicemen, Joan did too, so she had no money to fight legally. Like many other families, housing was already hard to come by after the great depression, and her biological family were scattered all round the city, like most other families. This was why her neighbourhood “family” was so important to her. Fred’s “family” had been at work, and was lost to him once he reached the compulsory retirement age and was forced to retire. The men in his family all died in their fifties from high cholestorol levels / heart attacks. While little was known about it then, they would still have known there was quite a possibility he would die young, He did actually make it to 61, unexpectedly.
    So those were their social and health factors to consider. No doubt you and your husband will have your factors to consider on retirement. Good luck !

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    1. About losing comments: I lost one yesterday. And then found (after some furtling around on the WordPress screens) hat it had gone to my SPAM filter. If you go to your WP Admin screen, scroll down to a comment. Click on it (any comment will do, I think), and then look for a spam button,. Clicking on that may reveal lost comments. Which you can now approve and, lo, they appear back on the blog….

      Apologies if you’ve already tried this! :)

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      1. I have just tried all sorts of footling around but not been able to find anything remotely like “admin” or “comments” or “spam”. I have a very basic website (Minnow), so this probably limits what I can get. Living on a pension I do not want to pay for anything I don’t have to pay for. Also I only want WordPress followers visiting my website, so I do not plan to upgrade unless there is lots in it for me. But if this happens again I will certainly be alert and try to track it down. But once again, thanks for the idea.


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