Living in my head

Living in my head

Nothing prepares you
For the change
The unexpected knock
In this case literally
In this case
On the back of the head
An everyday slip

Now everyday
I need to accept the difference
The peculiarities of my life
Every feeling, symptom
Headache, stagger
Examined, questioned

I am grateful
For it could be far worse

Copyright © 2016 Kim Whysall-Hammond

4 thoughts on “Living in my head

    1. Unfortunately the original injury was in 2014 — its part of what prompted me to start this blog in 2015. The effects are finally beginning to fade, although my Doctor thinks they may be lifelong. ….Meanwhile, here in the south of England, we have so far escaped most of the bad weather. we had an inch of snow last Thursday night but it was melting by Dawn.


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