Brief bloom

We are a brief bloom
On the fragile skin
Of a molten body
Encircling a massive furnace

We  are a blossoming of sentience
With encrusted technologies
Craving wonder, hoping for company
Seeking knowledge and excitement

We truly are stardust
Our bodies built from atoms
Forged in successive stellar explosions
We crave the glories of the Universe

We are Human


Copyright © 2016 Kim Whysall-Hammond




3 thoughts on “Brief bloom

  1. I can’t tell you how badly I want that to be true. If we, as a species, concentrated on learning and all the wonderful things, rather than death, violence, destruction, what a truly amazing thing that would be. It will never happen, not unless some cataclysmic event takes place and if we get back on our feet, we will start the killing all over again. I think that’s what men are.

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