Famous Bones

As I have said before, I love good poetry that is also somewhat scientific. Well, Archaeology is a science (and one I love to follow) —and so I’d like to share this excellent poem with you. It’s by ‘Notamigrant’ at https://notamigrant.wordpress.com/

Famous Bones

I am only a second of a woman

Less interesting collection of bones
But one day I be really famous
More beautiful than a precious stone

A handsome man will stumble across me
His hands strong with protruding veins
Carefully brushing particles of me
Until he sees the last tiny grains

At that moment it becomes so obvious
I have completely lost my skin!
My blood, my organs, hardy muscles
Oh, God, where do I begin?

But the handsome man is not at all bothered
His hair has sweated and sun has tanned his skin
He puts me carefully in a sachet
That is how much I am worth to him.


The photo I’ve chosen is from Pegwell Bay in Kent, where a set of Bronze Age burials have been identified as people of  non-british origin (not migrants at all).  Eight are believed to have been born in what is now southern Norway or Sweden. Another five came from the western Mediterranean, possibly Spain or even North Africa. We have always been part of a wider Europe. (https://archaeologynewsnetwork.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/bronze-age-burials-in-kent-mainly-by.html)

5 thoughts on “Famous Bones

  1. Oh, i do like the picture. Thanks for sharing with your followers. Your appreciation is a great boost to my confidence. I am a very hesitant publisher – it’s taken me years to find enough courage to start posting…

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    1. I hid my poetry for years….. most of it got lost along the way. Early last year, while clearing out around the house, I found about 20 poems (in several different boxes and hiding places) the earliest dating back to when I was 17. So I decided to collect them together and it got me writing new ones. And then I started a blog, which the poetry took over…. :)


  2. Fascinating ! A locally made TV programme recently screened here, looking in to countries of origin of well known people here. Some who believed all their ancestors came from the British Isles were surprised to find out that their racial origins were far more widespread !


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