Glass bottomed boat

Glass bottomed boat


Swaying bobbing we peer through the hull
Eagle Rays swish beneath us chasing the unknown
Light glints on a startled shoal sashaying across the rocks
Gas bubbles up from volcanic clefts
Crabs glance sideways, looking for the main chance

Copyright © 2016 Kim Whysall-Hammond

5 thoughts on “Glass bottomed boat

  1. I love your name, the cheesesellers wife, but I also know you are you, in and of yourself! are you Kim! anyway, I really like your blog, your thoughts, ideas and inspiration. And thank you for following mine :)


    1. Yes, I’m Kim. “The Cheesesellers Wife” tag is part of a family joke, as my sons teased that it would make a good title for a prize winning novel, full of the usual angst and trite philosophy. My husband sells cheese in local country markets.

      Thanks for your kind words!

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  2. I was 10. My parents made us go on a glass bottom boat (for fun?) on a rare family outing to Florida (from NJ). I turned green; very sick. I joined the Army, not the Navy. If we win a cruise, I will be sending it to you and your husband. Great poem, though.

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    1. Oh, I get sea sick too! I took some very good tablets, but the “side effect” listed on the info sheet is “you may stop breathing if you imbibe alcohol within 24 hours of taking these tablets”. I REALLY wanted to go on that glass bottomed boat (and the whale watching trips we also went on). :)

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