The Hare

The Hare

In the beech wood, amongst the April showers
While bluebells struggle to open
There, stands a hare
Still, staring down the slope
To where we have stopped

Large enough to be a small deer
Immobile between  the trees
Fur fluffed up in the chill air
She stands tall and stares
Holding us

Not a bird sings, not a tree rustles
Then she moves and runs upslope
To turn once more to stare once more
Before, in a flash,
She is gone

Copyright © 2016 Kim Whysall-Hammond


(The Cheeseseller and I went for a walk in the woods around the ruined Roman Villa at Chedworth yesterday, after picking up Goats cheeses from Cherney Cheese in Gloucestershire. He spotted our hare first. This is only the third time I have seen a Hare in the wild. Hare and humans locked gazes for a long time it seemed).


6 thoughts on “The Hare

  1. I live on the edge of a suburb in SE Pennsylvania (USA), I’ve a creek bordering my property – we’ve got bunnies all the time. I’m going to guess they are Eastern Cottontails. Although I just read we have Snowshoe Hares in the NE. The hare is a bit larger in general, the hind legs and ears than a rabbit. The rabbit also doesn’t change color seasonally as a hare does. While I do not attempt to feed our furry friends they have come used to me and will only flee when I get too close. Often they stay very still until about 4 – 6 feet away, when I walk from one end of the yard to the other. The rabbits must have hundreds of warrens or burrows in the neighborhood. 🙂

    Lovely description of a magical moment.


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