Our strange stay here on Earth


Our strange stay here on Earth

We did not ask for this
We cannot control what we must
We can only rise to the times
And do what we see as right
There is no one there to listen
No parent in the sky
We are the author of our souls
The believer in our faith
Children of the universe
Intellect and compassion?
Built solely from an interplay of atomic particles
Our strange stay here on Earth
The true miracle of chance and physics


Copyright © 2016 Kim Whysall-Hammond


This poem was inspired by reading:

I have not asked for life.
But I try to accept whatever
life brings without surprise.
And I shall depart again without having
questioned anyone about my strange
stay here on earth.

Omar Khayyam



3 thoughts on “Our strange stay here on Earth

  1. I like your poetry even though I disagree. I have always believed there was a God who authored all of this. My mind has never been able to grasp evolution. It just never made sense to me, no matter how much I was told to believe it. I think poetry is such a gift. It helps us make sense of the world and of our thoughts. It gives words to our feelings. I like that you post them 😊

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  2. Each of my Grandfathers taught me to refuse to believe what I am told to believe, whether its a God that looks after each sparrow or evolution or that politician that reckons he’s got all the answers. I have been a research scientist and try to be rational. Although I admit that this is a very difficult philosophical position and a hard one to keep to! I still want someone in the sky to call upon when my son is late home and not answering his calls.

    I think I would like to believe in Spinoza’s God (http://www.brain-and-mind.com/2012/07/spinozas-god.html). Although I love Carl Sagan’s assertion that we are the result of the Universes attempt to understand itself (whatever that means).

    And I brought my sons up with Bible stories because I feel them to be important. I wanted them to have that as part of their heritage. It is up to them what they chose to believe.

    As they say, “its complicated”! 🙂


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