The lives I have lived

“If I live to be very old, all my memories of the glory days will grow vague and confused, till I won’t be certain any of it really happened. But the books will be there, on my shelves and in my head – the one enduring reality I can be certain of till the day I die.”

Helen Hanff


The lives I have lived


My sons, I have tried to give you gifts for your lives ahead

Standards to live by, skills to help earn your bread

But the greatest gift I can give

Is the lives I have lived

And the ability to live them too


The world of words I have shown you

Filing your young ears with stories each night

Weaving your own world into a fantasy one

Showing how to do things right

The gift of reading and living lives in stories

These are the lives I have lived

And they are my gift to you


Even when I am old and frail

I will still have lives to live

Don’t let them tell you my life is worthless

When there is all that stories and dreams can give

I am living a wonderful life in the real world

And I trust that you will as well

But when life is not what you want, remember my gift to you


Copyright © 2016  Kim Whysall-Hammond


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