Surround yourself with beauty


I am following the poetry of John White, and have so today read his poem about possessions and then I found myself writing the following:


Surround yourself with beauty

Look at what you own
Is it beautiful or loved?
Does it give you pleasure?
Does it embody a memory?
Keep it
Possessions need to work for you
Need to lift you
Need to remind you who you are
Designer labels? Latest high tech? Do you need to follow the herd?
I sit in a room with books I love and want
With photos of those I love
With objects and art that say something to me
All bought on a shoestring
Possessions do not define me, they cannot say who I am
My poetry attempts that
But my possessions comfort me, they are my attempt to surround myself in beauty.

                      Copyright © 2015  Kim Whysall-Hammond


One thought on “Surround yourself with beauty

  1. I agree with this so much. The things that surround you make you comfortable, creative and happy. But each person gets to choose what those things are…one isn’t better than another, since we are all unique and have different needs. I’m surrounded by books and art. But I know other people why enjoy things I could never have around me. Expensive or inexpensive, the think has to speak to you and once you fall in love with it, it’s yours forever.


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