The Migration of Darkness

I am currently reading poetry on an increased scale  –and I think that this has been sparked because of this blog of mine. I am buying poetry books again, and using the net to discover poets new to me.

A long while ago, the Cheeseseller bought me a book of poetry about science. I didn’t find this poem in there, but it was out there on the net, our lovely free floating wonderweb.

 The poem, like many good poems, shows us something familiar in a different light. What interests and amuses me is that the poet is using the language of science to do this. But please don’t let that put you off.  Just enjoy……

The Migration of Darkness 

 Each evening, shortly after sunset,

darkness covers the land.

Having mystified thinkers for millennia,

the mechanism for this occurrence

has now been identified: migration.

Darkness, it has been found, is composed

of an almost infinite number of particles,

which roost and reproduce up north

where they have fewer natural enemies:

Forest fires, lampposts, lasers, blazing sunlight,

torches, candles, lighthouses, limelight, and electricity

are relatively rare in the polar regions.

  Peter Payack

(Please note, the full poem is at

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