Here we are at the end of the Universe, and you two are Blogging!

If you don’t recognise the title as a quote from the good Doctor, then you are probably not a Dr Who fan.

I grew up with Dr Who. Like many many Brits, I spent my childhood watching Daleks from behind the sofa. Mum once came into the room and went to turn the TV off, seeing as how it was frightening me so much, but I protested and sat back down on the seat. As soon as she left the room, I went back into hiding, peering around the edge of the aforesaid furniture….

We used to run around the Infants playground at school, one arm held up straight in front of us rather awkwardly as it needed to be in front of our noses, shouting “Exterminate! Exterminate!”.   It was a great time to watch TV, although many playground games were cut short by cries of “Exterminate!” or, from a rival franchise, cries of “But I ‘m not dead, I’m Captain Scarlet.”

Later on, as a teenager, I read voraciously, and would, each Saturday, do a journey around local libraries, taking out several books (always SF) at each. The trick was to get home in time to watch Dr Who which was always on at Saturday tea time.

My first truly long piece of writing was a jointly written Dr Who spoof novel where Tom Baker used his scarf to spin Daleks like a top and the heroine companion (me of course) swung from chandeliers. It was written in an exercise book with two good friends (one of whom is now a professional writer with 3 published Dr Who novels to date) , during lunch breaks at school.

My last memory of watching the old (proper?) Dr Who is from university days, sitting watching a programme in our new Student flat while my boyfriend attempted to cook a meal for the first time in his life.

Then finally , it came back, and we sat with our two young sons to watch Christopher Eccelston re-launch a childhood love. We were relieved when it was so good. And delighted when, the next Monday, the playground of our sons Infant school resounded to cries of “I’m Dr Who” and even to “Exterminate!”. Nostalgic parents had taught their children about the Daleks already.

Our then 6 year old son sobbed his heart out when Rose ‘died’. The first time both boys sat up for New year, we had a Dr Who TV marathon to get us to midnight, and we were joined by 6 Dalek remote control toys, lined up in front of the Telly. Each one was of a different design and colour  of course and the array included a 1960s Emperor.

I’ve even made Dalek cakes for boys birthday parties. The one most remembered was a fully modelled white Dalek made of cake slabs glued together with butter icing that started to slump on a warm day, resulting in a shape that looked like it was pregnant.

Oh and one of the affectionate nicknames my husband uses for me is ‘Fang’, after the Monster of Fang Rock. No, I don’t know why, and neither does he. It’s lost in the mists of time …. rather appropriately.


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