Hello world

Granddad used to tell me bedtime stories about the Moloch. He’d met H G Wells at a Fabian Society meeting.

Dad & I used to spend hours out in the garden trying to find Jupiter with a poor telescope.

What else could I do but read Astronomy at University, get hooked on Science Fiction and end up working in IT?

Otherwise, there’s a family to run and chickens to feed and to talk to (who are far more communicative that teenage boys, believe me).  And yes, my husband sells cheese.

When asked at parties, I say that I’m a Project Manager. We are a much-maligned breed. When the project fails, we get the blame, when it simply succeeds, they all wonder why they needed us, well, look it all worked didn’t it??? All the Project manager did was produce some spiffy reports and sit on the phone all day. We didn’t need her/him, did we? It only takes a little thought to realise that we are ALL Project managers, just some of us have it in our job titles and are paid for it. My toughest assignment is being a parent, but then you’ve all heard all that sort of stuff before so I’ll shut up about it.

So, this site will probably include stuff on SF, Conventions, Astronomy, chickens, Project Management and absolutely anything else that comes to mind……

……..maybe cheese too.

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